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  • To start deeply investigating the AI app development process, it’s important to first understand how these projects differ from regular app development projects. When it comes to AI, every problem requires a unique

    AI Application Development Guide For Business Owners

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    Industrial Cybersecurity

    Top Services We Provide

    We turn bold ideas into groundbreaking business solutions for a tomorrow built on technology. 

    Robotics & Automation

    GPMBS Robotics & Automation excels at robotic integration and has been providing hundreds of amazing automation solutions across the globe. We are ready to listen and discuss your specific needs in order to help create the perfect automation solution for a quick and easy integration onto your production line.

    Artificial Intelligence

    AI is only as smart as the insights that fuel it. We can help you unlock powerful analytics insights by tapping into data you didn’t even know you had. AI can deliver results to your business today, including improving customer experiences, augmenting your workforce and automating repetitive processes

    Cyber security

    The cybersecurity of your company - your livelihood - should be put in the hands of specialists - true CyberSecurists. Teams steeped in the expertise and experience of having been there and done that. GPMBS empowers clients to concentrate on their business aspects by offloading the complexities of security practices and intricacies off their shoulders.

    Digital Platform Conversion

    The industrial world is facing rapidly changing challenges. Our resources are finite, and we all need to do more with less. Digitalization and automation are the game changers to meet these challenges on the way to Industry 4.0. It is essential to collect, understand and use the massive amount of data created in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

    Digital technology

    It’s a new paradigm, powered by technology and harnessed by people. To thrive, you must focus on outcomes that will make a difference. Through the lens of our industry expertise, our digital consulting team identifies and delivers programs with the greatest promise for success.Digital learning is any type of learning that uses technology. It can happen across all curriculum learning areas.

    Quality Testing

    Do you want to ensure that your new software version does not introduce bugs or break functionality?
    SICITS automation testing can help you to ensure that your software meets all the requirements and performs as expected. Deliver continuous quality by integrating GPMBS Quality Testing with every branch of code you deploy.

    Business Analyst Online Training

    Learning Management System

    Business Analyst is a demanding career and gives you high perks. We provide best in class training for Business Analysis .

    The Power of Skills : Empowering Talent Transformation

    The technology helps identify the skills an employee has in their current role, what skills still need to be developed, proactive pathways to fill those gaps, and finally, help in identifying aspirational roles. Employees are empowered to take control of their careers, managers have access to talent to execute business strategies, and business leaders can implement data-driven talent strategies at scale.

    Work Transformation

    Today, many of the digital-age jobs can be performed by non-degree holding workers with the right specialized skills that can be honed through alternative education.

    When enterprises aspire to adopt agile enterprise-wide, work inherently involves continuous learning and rapid reskilling. By helping enterprises manage this work transformation, we help them not only remove barriers that would prevent them from fully participating in the modern economy, but also ensure they remain relevant in the future – as a Live Enterprise.

    Anything You Need

    Embrace the talent revolution to remain relevant in the future.


    10+ Years'

    Global project management Business solutions (GPMBS) are a leading provider of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Learning Management System, Digital Platform Conversion, Digital technology ,Automation And Quality Testing, Cyber Security, Project Management, Virtual Staffing, and Software Development services. Dedicated to each client’s unique needs, our solutions help you get the most out of your workforce while reducing costs and increasing productivity.
    we aim to deliver effective solutions to business organizations worldwide. Our company is focused on developing high-quality products that meet the requirements of our customers. Our team of highly-skilled professionals will ensure that your business realizes the full potential of our solutions.
    Our highly experienced team will work with you to translate your business goals into actionable plans that deliver measurable results.
    We are a virtual staffing and software development company specializing in the areas of project management, cloud, network, and data center IT services. We offer expert knowledge and experience for the successful implementation of new technologies and the management of your day-to-day IT operations.
    We are a group of passionate, creative, and results-driven people. Each member of our team contributes to our success through versatility, innovation, and committed work ethic.

    GPMBS is a Comprehensive solution

    It is a Comprehensive solution that combines all the features you might need in project management execution.

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    We are leaders in Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Learning Management System, Digital Platform Conversion, Digital technology, Automation And Quality Testing, Cyber Security, Project Management, Virtual Staffing, and Software Development. A community of professionals whose expertise and collective intelligence help us realize our client’s objectives.
    We favor quality above quantity and constantly strive to render projects with the highest quality standards possible.
    We are a one-stop provider you can depend on for all your requirements in various business areas.


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