Virtual Staffing

Virtual staffing is another name for outsourcing. Virtual staffing is a new way to access a larger talent pool.


Virtual Staffing


Virtual staffing is another name for outsourcing. Virtual staffing is a new way to access a larger talent pool.

Virtual staffing can be the solution you are looking for to help your business grow. We provide trained resources according to technologies and service areas that can be recruited and given to you for your support. We will be providing the best resources and replacements if required at any time. Our virtual staffing solutions are customized to meet your needs cost-effectively.

Best Virtual Assistant Services

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is someone who works remotely from their client, often from a home office or an office building, and works as an outsourced contractor that handles tasks assigned to them. Clients can assign tasks to their VA that save them time in their personal or work life.

The best virtual assistant companies provide an account manager to help you find a VA on its staff that matches your work style, personality, and, of course, the tasks you need accomplished. These companies have learned over the years that their clients want seasoned VAs with college degrees, not someone trying to land their first job. Finally, the top providers offer affordable and flexible pricing models. Read on to find a VA service that appeals to you.

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Why Hiring Virtual Staff Is Such A Good Business Move

If you have been getting excited about saving 20% costs with local remote hiring, think how much you stand to save if you hire virtual employees. For one, your cost savings jump to a massive 70% (or even more, depending which domain you hire in) and, second, you now have a robust Plan B in place to ensure business survival and continuity, irrespective of lockdowns or natural disasters

3 key advantages of a remote workforce

Talent on-demand

Hire a dedicated, skilled remote employee in less than 8 hours

Zero overheads

Say goodbye to profit-guzzling expenses like office rent, taxes, hardware, etc

24×7 support

No downtime, no being stranded midway in a project.

Advantages of outsourcing with VE for SMEs

Great combination of technology and human resources

Our Goal

Same Quality at Low Cost has at its core a unique and revolutionary business principle, ‘Same quality but significantly lower cost’. It aims to fulfill the long-standing outsourcing vacuum felt by scores of Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) across North America and Europe who, till now, were dependent mostly on offshore freelancers. simplifies their outsourcing experience by providing them with dedicated Indian employees who work exclusively for them just like their own in-house hires. These Indian professionals match their western counterparts in skills, qualifications and experience along with the added advantage of attractive low costs. In short, provides equally (or even more) qualified employees from any domain or profession but at significantly lower costs.

Our Strengths

Intelligent Use of Technology and Human Resource 

We provide every client with a dedicated, full-time virtual employee who works remotely for them from our office here in India. To successfully achieve this objective, relies on management, infrastructure, hardware and the latest technology to bridge physical distance and time zone differences. Although your virtual employee works directly for you, it is that provides every employee with the latest hardware, infrastructure of international standards and supervision, guidance and management. What this achieves is that even though your employee is working from our office in India, they work directly for you as though they were operating physically from your office.

Beat the Competition with Offshore IT Outsourcing

Today, more and more businesses are outsourcing their IT processes and functions to IT outsourcing companies, especially in India. The main attraction is cost-savings to mitigate pressures of rising overhead costs, lack of suitable in-house resources, and to sidestep an unfriendly local regulatory environment.

Outsourcing IT services also reduce the risks of IT failures by channelizing complex and technical IT functions to certified IT experts, thereby leaving you time to focus on your core competencies.

Building an in-house IT team calls for significant investment of time, money and manpower. And, even then, you may not have all the skills or expertise needed to ward off IT failures and malfunctions. You also need to identify the skills you are likely to require in the future, a challenging prospect, since this can be difficult to predict. Additionally, apart from forking out hefty recruitment fees, you’ll also need to factor in the ongoing training costs so that your IT team stays up to date.

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